Say goodbye to chemical preservatives thanks to HPP technology!

Faced with the mistrust of 66% of European consumers and their growing rejection of products containing artificial additives, which generate health problems, the food industry is proposing new alternatives to the use of this type of chemical substances (Also called “E-numbers.”).

Nowadays many products are still processed by heat treatments (pasteurization). However, this method has some drawbacks, such as the loss of nutrients as well as organoleptic characteristics of food (taste, colour and aroma):26% of the antioxidant food properties are removed, up to 71% lose their original colour, and 95% of vitamin C falls over time. This makes it necessary to resort to the use of colouring, preservatives and antioxidants.

Our HPP technology is the best alternative to pasteurization and to the use of chemical preservatives.
Pre-packaged foods are subjected for short periods of time to high pressures to eliminate pathogens. The high pressures reduce the microbiological flora with the same effectiveness that the thermal treatments, but being a cold processing it neither the healthy properties of foods are altered, nor the use of chemical preservatives is necessary.

Besides, it is a very versatile technology that can be applied to practically any type of food!

The best from nature to your business!

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