The year 2020 has started for Naturae as it ended in 2019: celebrating good news! As you may remember, in December last year the Centres of Excellence recognised our circular economy project with the Quality Innovation Award for “Sustainable Innovation”. 

This prestigious award was a great incentive for Naturae. It designated us as winners in the category of “sustainable innovation” at a national level. It also gave us the opportunity to defend our project at an international level, against the winners from other countries such as China, Russia or Sweden.

The international final was held today, February 5th, in Tel Aviv, Israel. We are very proud to tell you that the Centers of Excellence have designated Naturae’s “Sustainable Innovation” project as the winner of the Quality Innovation Awards at an international level. We could not be happier and more grateful!

In this way, the Centres of Excellence have wanted to reward our global innovation project: from our agri-food business model, based on the circular economy; to the use of HPP technology in the production process of food processing. This technology allows the generation of zero waste and the extension of the shelf life of the productsDid you know that the new healthy snacks made with fresh fruit by Naturae (produced together with AGF Fashion Group) have a shelf life up to 10 times longer than the rest of the fresh fruit on the marketSo that we do not only contribute to reduce food waste in the production process, but to avoid it in the home!

This international recognition “Quality Innovation Awards” helps us to continue innovating and improving day by day. It also remains us our purpose: to improve people’s health through the production of organic products, without thermal treatments, without chemical preservatives, without added sugars… Our products are committed to sustainability.

 Thank you for joining the natural revolution!

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