Organic aloe vera juice with chamomile

Natural, sensitive and digestive

Healthy organic juice of Aloe Vera with a touch of sweet chamomile. Natural drink with a high content of Aloe Vera, always above 90%, from fresh leaves specially selected in our Andalusian crops, which we process without losing any of the benefits of this plant in less than 24 hours and always maintaining a temperature below 10 º C to ensure the best preservation of all healthy properties of aloe.

Chamomile adds a light touch of flavour, with a floral note and a sweet aftertaste.

This aloe is mixed with the ecological infusion of sweet chamomile, combining all the benefits of aloe and chamomile, and unpasteurized, i.e. the most natural way and with the best flavor. Optimal to improve the digestions of the day to day.

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