Organic aloe vera juice with grapes

Fresh, harmonic and remarkable

We are constantly developing new products of Aloe Vera and organic fruit, achieving new products which provide an extra taste to our Aloe Vera, such as polyphenols, vitamins and other active ingredients that improve the benefits and taste of all our organic juices. In Naturae we elaborate simple foods, based only on natural elements, but capable of marking differences.

Individually, Aloe Vera and grapes are two fantastic resources provided by nature. Together they are a perfect combination, which fully reflects the characteristics of our juices.

We select the best ingredients, of high quality, cultivated according to the ecological agricultural production, taking care of the nutrients to obtain the best aromas and flavors that give alternatives of consumption to the lovers of the Aloe Vera.

The best from nature to your business!

Would you like to sell our products? At Naturae we make unique products, 100% natural and free of chemical preservatives.
We take care of the logistic, we send your order wherever you want, so you only have to worry about what you do best: to sell.

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