Organic aloe vera refreshing beverage with apple juice

Our range of refreshing beverages elaborated with the best Aloe Vera extracted from fresh leaves specially selected in our Andalusian crops, has been obtained taking rigorous care of each stage of its elaboration, to obtain quality, comforting and healthy drinks.

In addition to all its properties, one of the best virtues of the apple is its sweet taste with a note of acidity.

The fusion of our Aloe Vera with organic apple juice from Spain, results in a refreshing beverage characterized by its freshness, mild flavor and delicate aroma, ideal to protect and renew the body while quenching thirst at any time and place, keeping the best of each ingredient to be processed cold and without pasteurization.

The best from nature to your business!

Would you like to sell our products? At Naturae we make unique products, 100% natural and free of chemical preservatives.
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