At Naturae we are like you, we love the natural!

The seed

The illness of a family member of one of the founders of Naturae made him realize that “we are what we eat” and this simple sentence was the beginning of a much more complex project: working day to/by day to develop a food which helps us to be the best version of ourselves.

Therefore, Biofactoria Naturae was born in 2013 with a very clear mission: “To improve people’s health thanks to the elaboration of 100% natural products, of quality and within everyone’s reach”.

We control the whole process: from our organic crops to your table.

The Aloe Vera we use comes from our own organic plantations in Andalusia, and we buy our seasonal fruits and vegetables from local suppliers. Sustainability above all!

And, if something is perfect, why should we change it? That is why we can reduce the handling of our raw material to a minimum, limiting ourselves to treating it with the most advanced technology.

By using Natural Cold Process or HPP systems, we are able to produce fresher and healthier foods, as avoiding pasteurization we do not take away nutrients or natural properties, neither we have to add chemical preservatives.

Controlling the processes of production, elaboration and delivery of the products in store is fundamental to bring to your home that extra touch of security, quality and flavor so characteristic of our brand.

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Our people

Respect and love for nature are what drive us, but without a doubt, our people are our heart.

Discover the great team that plays an important role in Naturae’s daily growth and improvement.

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Naturalness knows no borders

There are textures, tastes and smells that do not understand about cultures, neither do they need explanations. The language of the natural and the authentic is universal!

Currently you can find Naturae products in 30 countries all over the world, but soon we will be present in many others!

The satisfaction of a well done job

At Naturae, we let our work speak for us.

We tell you the facts, and nothing else.

Seal of Excellence in R&D by the European Commission

Entrepreneurial Trailblazer Award at Gourmet Hall 2015

Best Entrepreneurial Spanish Company Award (CEPYME)

Entrepreneur Network Award for the Most Eco-Innovative Product and the Company with the Best International Projection

Innovation Award at the International Food Fair of France (SIAL)

Entrepreneur XXI Award for the Best Business Project in Castilla y León

FAE Innovation Award

Innovation Award at the International Food Fair of China (SIAL)

The best from nature to your business!

Would you like to sell our products? At Naturae we make unique products, 100% natural and free of chemical preservatives.
We take care of the logistic, we send your order wherever you want, so you only have to worry about what you do best: to sell.

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