Organic aloe vera juice with tea

Intense, stimulating and unique

We combine the best effects of Aloe Vera with an infusion of organic black tea perfect to activate the body. Naturae always seeks the highest quality in their raw materials, so what we do is to infuse ourselves selected tea leaves and then we mix it with Aloe Vera.

Matching our Aloe Vera juices with natural infusions is the result of the effort and illusion with which our team works. This is an exclusive process carried out completely in Naturae, starting with the selection of each of the ingredients.

This juice surprises by its intensity and naturalness. The taste and aroma that the tea provides, awakens the palate while activating our body. The perfect alternative for all those who want to enjoy a comforting drink with all the benefits of Aloe Vera at any time.

The best from nature to your business!

Would you like to sell our products? At Naturae we make unique products, 100% natural and free of chemical preservatives.
We take care of the logistic, we send your order wherever you want, so you only have to worry about what you do best: to sell.

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