Say goodbye to Aloina and hydroxyanthracene, thanks to our technology!

Purification is a normal process in many foods such as wine, olive oil, milk etc…. is nothing extraordinary. However, the aloe industry purifies its juices by means of a process called decolourisation, and they do this by subjecting the product to temperatures of over 90ºC and filtering it through diatomaceous earth filters (a highly polluting product for the environment). All of this is detrimental to the quality of the juice and gives the product a totally transparent appearance like water.

Naturae is the only aloe industry in Europe that carries out this physical purification in a different way, at a temperature of <12ºC (cold processing and without filters) thus avoiding the loss of nutritional properties of the juice and without generating any damage to the environment.

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Seal of Excellence in R&D by the European Commission

Entrepreneurial Trailblazer Award at Gourmet Hall 2015

Best Entrepreneurial Spanish Company Award (CEPYME)

Entrepreneur Network Award for the Most Eco-Innovative Product and the Company with the Best International Projection

Innovation Award at the International Food Fair of France (SIAL)

Entrepreneur XXI Award for the Best Business Project in Castilla y León

FAE Innovation Award

Innovation Award at the International Food Fair of China (SIAL)

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