The transformation process that Naturae® begun early in 2019 has borne its first fruits: our circular economy project, developed in Mercaolid (the largest wholesale distribution complex for perishable products in northwestern Spain), has won the Quality Innovation Awards, the prestigious prizes awarded by the Centres of Excellence.

The Centers of Excellence recognize the global innovation project launched by Naturae®: from our agrifood business model, based on the circular economy, to the use of state-of-the-art technology in food elaboration processes, which allows the generation of zero residues.

To start this project, we invested 3 million euros in a new biofactory, whose activity began in April of this year. This modern plant produces various healthy foods that give fruits and vegetables a second chance. These foods are processed using our high hydrostatic pressure (HPP) technology, which eliminates the use of chemical preservatives and hypochlorite (bleach) from the production process, which are responsible for the increased toxicity of water and aquatic fauna.

In this way, we also extend the shelf life of food produced through this processing 10 times more than other fresh fruits and juices on the market, which will undoubtedly reduce food waste in households.

QIA, recognition and support for innovative projects

For Naturae®, winning the Innovation category means prestigious recognition and an incomparable visibility. As winners at national level, our project will be included in the world final of the Quality Innovation Awards to be held in February 2020, representing Spain among the winners from other countries such as Finland, Russia, China or Sweden.

The Quality Innovation Awards are a prestigious platform for innovative projects of companies and organizations. In order to be among the selected projects, all the candidates present products, services or technological innovations that satisfy in a novel way some need of the consumers or of the society in general; In addition, all the candidates must present demonstrable results of its benefits.

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