Surely you know how important it is to follow a healthy and balanced diet, in which fruit and vegetables must be eaten daily. In salads, purees, juices and so on. There are many options to enjoy them, but you may not know that the way you consume them can also affect the intake of nutrients. For example: it is not the same to eat a couple of pieces of fruit as to drink a smoothie, or is it? Discover the Cold Press and HPP revolution!

Until now, when you drank a packaged fruit juice or smoothie, its beneficial effects were much less than if you ate a whole piece of fruit. There were several reasons for this: firstly because the percentage of fruit present in these products was not usually very high ( even nowadays it is still below 50%!); then because of the juice extraction and the way of processing it, normally by blending and pasteurization, involved a drastic reduction of vitamins and a loss of the organoleptic characteristics of the product (its flavour, colour, smell, etc.). And, finally, because this reduction in taste, colour and smell made it necessary to use added sugars, colourants and chemical preservatives, also known as E-numbers, to give the product a more attractive appearance.

Over the last years, the food industry and the scientific community have come together to offer solutions, betting on the elaboration of healthier and more natural products. And from this union two innovative processes have arisen such as Cold Press and HPP (high pressure processing), which make it possible to develop 100% natural products that preserve all their benefits intact, and which are great!

On the one hand, Cold Press allows us to avoid the liquefaction, which cuts and centrifuges the fruit at high speed, causing the loss of some nutrients such for example vitamin C. In this way, we can keep all the nutrients in the vegetables and fruits intact, including those contained in its skin. We maximise their vitamin and mineral content and simultaneously we minimise oxidation, resulting in natural, healthy juices. You will even appreciate the difference in taste and colour!

On the other hand, HPP technology consists of subjecting foods, previously packaged in flexible hermetic containers, to high levels of hydrostatic pressure. This drastically reduces the microbial flora (bacteria, fungi, etc.) present in the food, and extends its shelf life. In addition, this method also allows us to keep the organoleptic characteristics of the product intact, therefore we can avoid using artificial colours and preservatives.

Just imagine drinking a melon, or a watermelon, or a delicious banana-kiwi smoothie… preserving all its flavour and beneficial properties! Now with Naturae you do not have to imagine it: if you want to enjoy a 100% natural product, with no added sugars, no thermal processing, try our organic aloe vera juices, our aloe and fruit refreshing beverages or, soon, our new smoothies and juices made with fresh fruit… and the rest is a fairy tale!

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  1. AntonioOvade says:

    This is the process of pasteurization – heating food or beverage to sterilize it, killing off possible microbes and making it last longer. We pasteurize food for a lot of reasons – but pasteurizing cold-pressed juice just doesn’t make any sense. Why is it Never a Good Idea to Pasteurize Cold Pressed Juice?

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